More about me and what I do..


My journey so far


In the 1980’s, I was diagnosed with early signs of cancer, which changed my life! I started looking at all sorts of alternatives to surgery, including colour healing, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy.

I knew I was looking for change and didn’t really have a life purpose. As part of my healing, Dorothy Lewis took me on some "guided trips", where I found myself watching, with delight, some people dancing in a circle. I had no clue what this meant and left perplexed. However, I did pick up a brochure for the Findhorn Foundation, and consequently applied to go on a healing workshop, preceded by the Experience Week. Little did I know a new life was dawning!

On that Experience Week I too danced in a circle and suddenly the penny dropped! This was totally wonderful - I felt connected to my body, to the earth, the cosmos and to that circle of dancers. This is what I wanted to do!

In 1983 I went back to Findhorn to do a three-week training course in Sacred/Circle dance. At that time there was very little of this kind of dancing in the north of England. Although I would have liked to have stayed at Findhorn, and despite not seeing myself as a teacher, I had a vision that I must sow the seeds of this dance.

I started teaching in Leeds on a regular basis in 1986. I travelled throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Newcastle and S.W Scotland, doing regular or one- off groups, supported by the Enterprise Allowance Scheme. I was truly sowing the seeds of the dance. (I was unaware at the time there were a few others in Sheffield, Chester and Liverpool also starting …the hundredth monkey effect was happening.) At this time I was declared free from cancer.

I am still sowing the seeds of the dance and tending the mature plants. Some of those I taught are now teaching dance to others.

Still on a quest for growth and change, I received a small taste of the Alexander Technique in 1988, from a trainee. I was intrigued by her poise and knew I wanted to know more! She was training in Kendal under Don Burton. I went on a course for the public there and immediately knew that I had a lot to learn (or unlearn!) from this inspiring, holistic teacher. So I started a three year training course in 1992. Much was woven into the course to make it both creative and challenging: anatomy, voice work, autobiographical writing, contact improvisation, creative arts, performance arts, chakra (energy system) work, meditation, all interwoven with Alexander’s basic principles.

My body unfolded and opened. I found a greater strength in my spine and back and in myself. I was both grounded and "up" at the same time. I came out as a singer, performing occasionally with circle dance bands. I began to bring some Alexander principles into my dance teaching and started to teach Alexander lessons on a one- to- one basis.

During the Alexander training, I learned about Reiki healing. I took Levels 1 +2 and then Masters. This led to further healing and learning for myself and meant that I was able to give others this deeply healing space.

In my dance work, although my passion is Eastern European and Gipsy (Rom) dances, I enjoy celebrating the Celtic festivals throughout the year. I love to include live music, dancing outdoors, themes of the elements, the chakras, women’s dances, fast and wild dances and deeply meditational ones.

Alexander teaching gives me the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of working with this simple and yet profound technique of the art of changing ourselves. I have worked with musicians, pregnant women, people with neck, back, shoulder or arm problems and those who wish for change and growth in their lives. I witness pain, tension and unhelpful habits fall away. I see ease, strength and lightness take their place.