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I give 1-2-1 lessons at :

The Energy Centre ,Burlees House,

Hangingroyd Lane HEBDEN BRIDGE HX7 7DD

MOSTLY on Mondays but  it is possible to be flexible .


£45 for FIRST lesson 1 hr 15mins . £42 thereafter for one hour .

  Block booking deals too. And some occasional one off "deals".

 Please ring/ email  for further info. 

E-mail :sophiafreedancer@talktalk.net, or call me for more info or bookings on  01422 843000.


   What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a unique, simple, yet profound method of body re education, which helps to RE discover our natural sense of ease.

It is a life skill which teaches us how to re-establish the natural upward flow of a balanced, well aligned body. Because we tend to use our bodies unconsciously, and habitually, this often leads to back, neck,shoulder problems, stress, tensions and fatigue.

What are the benefits ?

* Pain relief - especially around neck, shoulders, and back.

* Enhanced self awareness- You gain simple, effective self help tools.

* Greater co-ordination, balance and poise.

* Peace of mind, increased confidence and energy.

*Improved performance for musicians, performing artists, and sports people

* Ease and lightness during pregnancy. The technique can facilitate and help natural labour.

* Working at VDU's / computers. Learning better ways to sit and use oneself to minimize RSI.

 Quote from recent pupil.. "The Alexander Technique is an amazing, life changing therapy which, like a lot of such things, is deceptively simple. I can honestly say it has given me most of my life back after a neck problem, and more than that has given me ongoing tools with which to help myself - oh, and better posture! I can't thank you enough.  " Mary 2014.

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 to the following news clip below : Re latest BMJ Report on Alexander Technique and backache. ..News reader gets an Alexander lesson.
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   Click on this site with video from the British Medical Journal

Look for: Alexander Technique lessons ; economic evaluation http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/337/dec11 2/a2656

 Get a back for life,   and  get your life back....



The Alexander Technique is a form of sensory re-education, that teaches people how to eliminate ingrained habits of body " misuse " and stress patterns, experienced as bad backs, neck problems, headaches, or mental/emotional problems such as depression.

3 out of 4 people suffer some sort of back pain and it is the single most common reason to be off work in the UK , so there is a great need to relieve the pain.

The Alexander Technique can help people with both back and joint pain, as well prevent these conditions in those who are prone , be they desk bound office workers, pregnant women, musicians, elderly people, or children slouching over their homework. The Technique is widely used for a range of other problems, eg; stress, general muscular tension, voice and breathing problems, as well as confidence and self improvement. Research has shown it can help with Parkinson's disease and those suffering depression.

Unlike osteopathy or massage, it is not a passive treatment, and Alexander Technique encourages the " pupil " to think, to become more conscious, to learn awareness of the mind and body, in order to heal themselves.


 Lessons teach the " pupil " to consciously release excess muscle tension, with verbal instruction and hands-on guidance,  to rediscover our natural sense of uprightness and comfort. The word   comfort  comes from Latin  comfortis ," com "  meaning," with " and " fortis "  meaning  "strength "    ...it gives us strength and yet there is no effort involved.

  Essentially  Alexander Technique is about DOING less with greater EASE !



SOPHIA HATCH Alexander Technique teacher S.T.A.T. ( Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique )

I completed training in Kendal in 1995, have been a Circle Dance teacher for over 30 years, passionate about holistic health, and mother to 19 yr old son.

Teaching  mostly Mondays but please enquire as flexibility is available. 

Lessons last approximatly 50- 60 minutes. You will need to wear loose fitting clothes, and be able to remove shoes.

At the first lesson I will need a few personal medical details and will discuss your aims in coming.Together we can reach an assessment of whether the Alexander Technique is appropreiate for you, how many ( usually weekly ) lessons you will need, and whether we feel we can work together. 

Lessons are usually experienced as being gentle and relaxing, but are also mentally challenging and stimulating.It is important that you are willing and happy to take an active part in the lessons and take time for yourself each day.

As a pupil you will learn the practical implications of thought and its effect on muscle activity.

As a teacher, I will be using a gentle "hands on " and verbal approach to encourage the release of inappropriate tension, allowing the body to become better balanced and aligned.During the course ofthe lesson you may move from a "semi supine " position, to standing, walking,crawling, or reproducing ordinary daily activities.

My pupils say ......

"I cannot thank Sophia enoughfor teaching me the Alexander Technique. The difference it is making to me is tremendous.I have found terrific relief from crippling lowerback pain I have had.It also enables me to cope with those times when my back is about to go into spasm. In the past I would have gone into panic and things would have got worse. Now using Alexander Technique I am in control.

Sophia's gentle hands on guidance , clear explanations, and support have been wonderful. AT is also helping re think how I use the WHOLE of my body." Helen 2013.

" A real feeling of strength in my spine, I never knew was there.."

" All of life's challenges are made easier and all of life's pleasures are enhanced. I can see clearly, think clearly and come from my centre"....

" I feel I am now gaining control of my health and life in an active and possible way "....

" I've got a neck ! "....

"Physically rock hard shoulders relaxed completely and I became aware of my body and it's nuances. I always came away feeling more peaceful, uplifted and deserving of my place on earth "....

" I was in control of my body when it came to giving birth. I was able to let go and trust my instincts. "....a pupil who gave birth naturally and easily the third time , having had 2 previous caesarians.

"Working with Sophia and the Alexander technique has helped me to regain natural poise, lightness and balance in my work as a musician and in everyday situations. Stress-management is a major factor in my work and the technique is a powerful tool to have. I highly recommend the technique and teacher! "
David Aspin violist

"I have been meaning to get in touch for ages, I have really wanted to tell
you how helpful the sessions with you were!........

.....With Nancy I think the contractions were
strengthened by remaining standing, also the movements I made ( the swaying, and "monkeys") helped to
create a flow from one contraction to the next and although I felt the
contractions, and pressure as she was born, I didn't experience them as
overwhelming or really painful.

The idea of 'doing less' was also really
useful- it helped to think, 'do less' and immediately feel release of
tension from my shoulders. I don't think I would have managed this without
your help so thank you. "

From pupil who came for lessons during pregnancy.

...."Having recently completed my first 6 lessons of Alexander Technique I am very impressed by the overall experience.A. T. has made me more aware of my body and spine, including the different sections of my spine. I feel A. T. has helped me get back in touch with my spine and learning to 'let go' .

During each session I have felt relaxed and nurtured into movement with the help of Sophia. At the end of each session I have felt peaceful, calm and graceful. I had the feeling of 'coming home' back to a place of stillness and intuition as I progressed through the weeks of A.T. I also became more aware of my posture within daily life , my pace and awareness. Alexander Technique is helping me now with my posture when working. "

Julie Thompson. Artist. April 2010.


"My spine has straightened out permanently; it doesnt want to be any other way now . It has added 1/2 an inch to my height and standing up is a lot more comfortable these days . simply amazing! "

Christina 2010.




I am a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.   S.T.A.T. Go to their website for more info www.stat.org.uk

 I continue to update my professional development. I am also CRB checked.